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Lost nuclear bomb in Greenland

40 years ago, a U.S. military plane carrying nuclear weapons crashed in Greenland. A BBC investigation has found that one of the nukes was unaccounted for after the crash. The BBC's Security Correspondent Gordon Corera has details.

Global Politics

Self-rule vote in Greenland

Greenland is an autonomous territory of Denmark. But today Greenlanders voted on whether to increase self-rule on the world's biggest island. Host Ken Bader speaks with journalist Karsten Sommer in Greenland's capital Nuuk.

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Geo answer

The answer to our Geo Quiz is northern Greenland, where linguistic anthropologist Stephen Pax Leonard is going to live with a local community under threat from global warming and document their traditions and language. Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with them.


Narwhal oceanographers

We're looking for a bay that lies between Greenland and Canada. Scientists there have been monitoring ocean temperatures: they're looking into how quickly the region's climate is changing and they're enlisting what they call 'biological oceanographers'

Greenland's Ice Melt

Scientists believe Greenland's ice sheet is melting 100 years faster than previously predicted because of global warming.