Climate Change

Discussion: Climate change and a deepening global health crisis


Climate change is driving extreme weather events across the globe and exacerbating health conditions and disparities. The World's Environment Editor and Correspondent Carolyn Beeler moderated a discussion with Harvard T.H. Chan School's Renee Salas, who explored the deepening crisis at the intersection of climate change and health.

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The Taliban take 10th provincial capital in offensive

Top of The World: The Taliban have now captured the provincial capital of Ghazni, a strategically important city on the Kabul-Kandahar Highway. And, with the price at the pump heading north, the Biden administration is putting pressure on OPEC to pick up the pace and restore global supply of petroleum to pre-pandemic levels. Also, Sicily reported on Wednesday a temperature of 48.8 degrees Celsius (119.84 degrees Fahrenheit), that if confirmed, would mark the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe.

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UN climate report is a 'code red for humanity'

Top of The World: The planet is becoming increasingly hot, with human activity changing the climate in unprecedented ways, a new scientific report from the IPCC says. And, with the United States rapidly withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Taliban are precipitously taking over provincial capitals across the country. Also, a massive fire on Evia, Greece’s second largest island, continues its devastation for a seventh day on Monday.

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Head of Myanmar military declares himself prime minister

Top of The World: A top general of Myanmar’s military declared himself the country’s prime minister on Sunday. And, wildfires have ravaged Turkey, Greece and elsewhere on the continent as a heat wave continues baking southeast Europe. Also, dozens of lawmakers in Malaysia were blocked by police on Monday from protesting a two-week lockdown of the country’s Parliament.