Geo answer

Today's answer is the German seaport of Bremerhaven. That's where a special ship powered in part by a giant kite began its maiden voyage today. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from the ship's captain, Lutz Heldt.

The end of the plastic bag?

The plastic shopping bag is a major shopping convenience, but it's also a major environmental blight, and some countries, like Australia and China, plan to phase out the use of the bags completely

Global Hit

Global Hit - Complaints Choirs

The World's Patrick Cox update us on a cultural phenomenon that began in Europe but has now gone global. People from Finland to Singapore are getting together to form "Complaints Choirs."


As part of Living on Earth's ongoing series "Generating Controversy: The Changing Climate of Coal" we travel to eastern Germany where a coal-fired power plant is under construction that will use new technology to reduce emissions to nearly zero.

German police nab terrorism suspects

The World's Matthew Bell reports on the latest from Germany, where police say they've foiled a plan to carry out major terrorist attacks. Three suspects have been arrested. Investigators say they were plotting to attack American targets, including the main US military base in Germany.

German Politics

The Greens lose their place in government as a new coalition between the conservatives and the Social Democrats forms in Germany.

Out of the Car

After living and bicycling in Germany for two years, our commentator prefers to see her car sitting in the driveway idle, not idling.

Beyond Kyoto

A meeting of the climate change protocol participants is held in Bonn to discuss greenhouse gas reductions beyond stage one of the treaty's implementation.


Global Politics

Trump policies unite allies against him at European security forum

Misgivings about Washington's role in the world are being felt by ordinary people as well as foreign policy specialists. And, Vice President Mike Pence's trip to the Munich Security Conference succeeded only in deepening divisions with traditional allies over questions such as Iran and Venezuela and offered little hope in how to deal with threats.