Technology from Estonia

The Baltic nation of Estonia is trying to make a name for itself in the world of technology, and so far, at least one of its high-tech innovations has gone global:

Estonia's high-tech embassy

Cyrus Farivar reports that the Baltic nation of Estonia has opened a new trade office California's Silicon Valley, and its goal is to drum up high-tech business for Estonian burgeoning high-tech industry.


Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Estonia. The BBC's Cyrus Farivar reports that country recently held its first national clean-up.

Arts, Culture & Media

Learning English in Estonia

Estonians love to study English, but some in the Estonian government wonder whether Estonians put too much emphasis on learning English, and too little on learning other languages, as Cyrus Farivar reports from the Estonian capital, Tallinn.

Global Politics

New reminders of the Cold War

This weekend a former defense ministry official in Estonia was arrested for treason. The official is suspected of selling NATO secrets to Russia. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Edward Lucas, deputy editor of "The Economist," about the case.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Tourism and technology in Estonia

The tiny Baltic nation of Estonia used to be a cheap tourist destination for many Europeans. But the economic downturn has hurt the tourist trade, forcing at least one hotel to turn to another of Estonia's strengths -- information technology -- to cut costs. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Cyrus Farivar, author of a forthcoming book called "The Internet of Elsewhere."