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Gaza cease-fire near?

Mediators in Egypt are still trying to hammer out a cease-fire agreement to end the violence between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Anchor Marco Werman gets the latest on the truce effort from The World's Quil Lawrence in Cairo.

Conflict & Justice

Renewed hopes for a cease-fire in Gaza

As Israel's offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip heads into its third week, international cries for peace have intensified. For more on what it might take to create a lasting cease-fire between, we turn to Hanan Ashwari, a Palestinian legislator.

Israel after the ceasefire

Spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says campaign in Gaza was successful in destroying "the Hamas military machine."

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Cease-fire talks

The World's Quil Lawrence has the latest on the truce talks underway in Cairo, Egypt. Egyptian mediators there are trying to hammer out a cease-fire agreement between Hamas and Israel and end the bloodshed in Gaza.