Global Politics

US support for Colombia

President Bush called Colombia's president to express US support for the South American nation. Colombia sparked a regional crisis with a military operation inside Ecuador that killed a Colombian rebel leader


Geo quiz and answer

For today's Geo Quiz, we're looking for an island off that's part of the Galapagos chain and named after a saint. The answer is San Cristobal or St. Christopher in English. San Cristobal is part of Ecuador. And it's home to three wind turbines that the government of Ecuador will help power the Galapagos Islands with 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2015. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from Jim Tolan, the engineer in charge of the project.

Early Signs: Melting Ice Caps in Ecuador

In the fourth of our series of reports on how concern about climate change is affecting communities around the world, we travel to the Ecuadoran Andes. Five years ago, the snow-capped Cotacachi Mountain, locally famous for its white peak, lost its glacier