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'If I was Dominican, they wouldn't have expelled me like some dog'

A few weeks back, there was a lot talk about Haitian immigrants facing the prospect of being kicked out of the Dominican Republic. Even people of Haitian descent born in the DR. Dominican authorities set a June 17 deadline for immigrants — mostly Haitian — to apply for legal status or risk deportation. The mass deportations haven't materialized. And the Haitian and Dominican governments continue to say that the Haitians who have left have mostly 'self-deported' on a voluntary basis. But some Haitians who did leave tell a different story.

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Why does this Ukrainian have a green stain on his face?

Protests in Ukraine have dragged on for months, with little progress. Among protesters, there's a little-known weapon that's not especially dangerous, but is a real pain. It's a topical antibiotic and it turns skin green. That story and more, in today's Global Scan.