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'If I was Dominican, they wouldn't have expelled me like some dog'

A few weeks back, there was a lot talk about Haitian immigrants facing the prospect of being kicked out of the Dominican Republic. Even people of Haitian descent born in the DR. Dominican authorities set a June 17 deadline for immigrants — mostly Haitian — to apply for legal status or risk deportation. The mass deportations haven't materialized. And the Haitian and Dominican governments continue to say that the Haitians who have left have mostly 'self-deported' on a voluntary basis. But some Haitians who did leave tell a different story.

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Why does this Ukrainian have a green stain on his face?

Protests in Ukraine have dragged on for months, with little progress. Among protesters, there's a little-known weapon that's not especially dangerous, but is a real pain. It's a topical antibiotic and it turns skin green. That story and more, in today's Global Scan.



As Congress nears a vote on a free trade agreement for Central America, economist Kevin Gallagher warns the region may not be ready to handle the environmental changes the accord could trigger.

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Dominican Dictatorship Remembered

For the Geo Quiz this time: we're looking for a city in the Caribbean once nicknamed "Ciudad Trujillo" or Trujillo's City. The name dates back to the 1930s when this city in the Dominican Republic was ruled by the dictator Rafael Trujillo.