Canada's wartime homes go green

A million cookie-cutter houses built in the 1940s in Canada may have a future as energy-independent homes; the energy savings could be substantial.

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Geo Answer

For today's Geo Quiz, we asked you to name a Dutch town that hosted English pilgrims for nearly a decade, and may have given them the idea to have a holiday of thanksgiving. Emily Kopp reports from Leiden, the answer to our quiz.

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Dutch drug tourism

The Dutch have some of the most liberal drug laws. But some local officials are fed up with foreigners who invade their towns looking for drugs. So they want to close the so-called coffee shops that sell marijuana. Emily Kop reports from the Netherlands.



Denmark's dark past is up for an Oscar

Inspired by real events, the movie "Land of Mine" tells the story of a group of young German POWs who are captured by the Danish army and forced to dig up land mines along Denmark's coast.