A coup without friends


Analysis: Unanimous condemnation of Honduran takeover highlights new US stance in the Americas

Conflict & Justice

Closing Guantanamo

A White House task force on closing Guantanamo is being delayed by six months. Does that mean Barack Obama's vow to close the detention camp by early next year is in jeopardy? The World's Matthew Bell reports.


Cuba's ladies in white

Marco Werman speaks with the BBC's Michael Voss in Havana, about the protesters known as 'The Ladies in White.'; wives and mothers of jailed opposition activists. Lately their peaceful marches have been disrupted by crowds of pro-government supporters.


Cuba: My Revolution

Cuban artist Inverna Lockpez initially threw herself into Fidel Castro's revolution jettisoning her plans for art school. She ran afoul of the regime and fled to the US. Now she's telling her story. Anchor Lisa Mullins interviews Inverna Lockpez.