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Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Guerrero. The Mexican government wants to build a hydro-electric dam near the popular tourist resort of Acapulco and local residents aren't happy about it. The World's Lorne Matalon reports.


50 years of US-Cuba relations

Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Dan Erikson, author of "The Cuba Wars: Fidel Castro, the United States, and the Next Revolution," about 50 years of tense relations between the US and Cuba. This week marks the 50th anniversary of Fidel Castro and his communist regime coming to power.


Global Hit

Correspondent Betto Arcos tells us about Carlos Varela, a Cuban musician who is lobbying Congress to change the US travel ban to allow Cuban and American artists to travel freely to each other's countries.

Arts, Culture & Media

Silvio Rodriguez

Today we hear about Cuban musician Silvio Rodriguez. 30 years ago, reporter Betto Arcos first heard Silvio's music in his hometown of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. Betto listened again to some of Silvio's classic albums and sent us this audio essay.