Was the great African pop star Papa Wemba really a smuggler?

Papa Wemba died earlier this week, after he collapsed on stage in Ivory Coast. The star, known as the king of Congolese rumba, was jailed in 2004 for smuggling Congolese people to Europe. Lubangi Muniania, a Congolese arts educator who knew Papa Wemba, explains Wemba's history.

Preserving the Congo Basin’s Trees, Part 1

Protecting forests could play a critical role in the fight against climate change. Many of the world’s nations are banking on a scheme called REDD which puts a price on trees so they’re more valuable standing than cut down. Living on Earth continues its series "REDD Path to a Green Planet" with a visit to Central Africa. Producers Alex Chadwick and Christopher Johnson travel to the Congo Basin and find a forest that’s largely untouched and biologically rich and diverse. Some environmentalists and investors are betting that big money can be made in the emerging global carbon market if the region’s trees are protected.