China comments on Kenya unrest

A commentary in China's official Communist Party newspaper blames Western-style democracy for the political unrest in Kenya, and Anchor Lisa Mullins gets reaction from Akwe Amosu, senior policy analyst for Africa at the Open Society Institute.

Beijing's Challenge

China's leadership is trying to beef up the capital's public transportation system and improve air quality in time for next year's Olympic Games.

Studio 360 - Episode 846 - Made in China - Ang Lee

The director's new film, Lust, Caution, is set in World War II Shanghai, occupied by Japan. As if a Chinese movie by a Taiwanese director wasn't edgy enough, the film is so erotic it made Lee himself intensely uncomfortable. Kurt talks with Lee and his screenwriter and producer, James Schamus.

Studio 360 - Episode 846 - Made in China - Branding Songzhuang

Some years back, a group of artists were hounded out of Beijing by authorities. Some went to Songzhuang village, a farming town an hour away. Now, that village is a boomtown ?- based on the market for contemporary Chinese art. Communist officials drink beer with bohemians. Will the rising tide raise all the artists' boats ?- or capsize them? Jocelyn Ford goes to Songzhuang to find out.

Studio 360 - Episode 846 - Made in China - Soft Power

China's government has a strategy of using ?soft power? to improve the country's image ?- promoting the arts, building language schools abroad, and, of course, remaking Beijing itself for the 2008 Olympics. But it's a strategy with some pitfalls. Kurt talks with Orville Schell, a journalist and scholar who directs the Asia Society Center on China-U.S. Relations.