Another recall of Chinese-made toys

The world's top toymaker, Mattel, said it would recall more than 800,000 Chinese-made toys because of too much lead in the paint. This is the third mass recall of Chinese-made products in less than six weeks. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Mary Gallagher, an expert in Chinese labor issues.

Arts, Culture & Media

Melting Permafrost

For today's Geo Quiz, we head to the frozen north. We have heard a lot about the problem of melting ice as climate change warms up the Arctic. But scientists are also worried about something else that is melting up there — permafrost.


2008 Beijing Olympics

Journalist Josh Kurlantzick talks about the controversy over new land seizures and repressive media policies enacted by the Chinese government in advance of the Beijing Olympics.

Michael Kodas

Author Michael Kodas talks about the high level of theft, sabotage and illicit behavior that takes place on the slopes of Mt. Everest, as told in his book, "High Crimes: The Fate of Everest in an Age of Greed."

Conflict & Justice

Torch protests

Faith shares her thoughts on the recent protests over China's human rights record that resulted in the Olympic torch getting extinguished on its way through Paris.

Arts, Culture & Media

Yung Chang

Faith talks to filmmaker Yung Chang about his new documentary Up the Yangtze, in which describes the impact China's Three Gorges Dam construction is having on the surrounding areas.