Chile mine rescue draws nearer

The wait may soon be over for the 33 Chilean miners trapped 2,000 ft below ground. Workers drilling a rescue tunnel expect to reach the men tomorrow but it's not all that simple. Lisa Mullins gets the latest from the BBC's Gideon Long.


Chile awaits start of mine rescue

The first man to be freed from the San Jose mine in northern Chile is expected to reach the surface later today. 33 men were trapped in the mine since August 5. Lisa Mullins talks with James Stefanic, operations manager of Geotec Boyles Bros.


Leadership in the mine

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with organizational psychologist Robert Sutton of Stanford University about how one of the Chilean miners acted as the epitome of the �good boss' to his colleagues underground.


The rescue as a media event

Many people around the globe have followed the rescue efforts in Chile online, on their radios, and on TV. Brian Stelter is a reporter with the New York Times, and is one of the writers of that paper's Media Decoder blog. Lisa Mullins talks with him.

Global Politics

Memories of massacre in Chile

37 years ago, the area near the now-famous Chilean mine was the scene of a brutal massacre set in motion by then-president General Pinochet.Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Mark Ensalaco, director of the Human Rights Program at the University of Dayton.