Global Politics

Checking in on Chile

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with reporter Emily Green in Chile and gets an update on earthquake recovery efforts there. Parts of Chile were hit by a massive quake last month.

Conflict & Justice

Prosecuting quake looters in Chile

Immediately after February's earthquake in Chile, residents in Concepcion began looting. Some horded food and supplies, but others also stole flat screen TV's and high-end electronics. Now, prosecutors are charging hundreds of people. Emily Green reports.

Arts, Culture & Media

Chico Trujillo

Our Global Hit today is a retro twist on a Latin style. We've presented various interpretations of Colombian cumbia in recent years. Now, along comes a cumbia band from Chile called Chico Trujillo.

Global Politics

Trapped Chilean miners alive

A Chilean copper and gold mine collapsed 17 days ago and stranded 33 men. The men were found alive but there's a catch. It could take months to carve a tunnel big enough for them to get out. Jeb Sharp reports.


Trapped Chilean miners get supplies

Miners trapped underground in Chile since August 5th have begun receiving glucose, rehydration tablets and medicine. Capsules containing the supplies were sent down a tube, which is the miners' only lifeline. We get an update from The BBC's Gideon Long.


How to help the trapped Chilean miners

It will be months before those 33 trapped miners in Chile see the light of day. NASA is advising the rescuers now and the European Space Agency can help, too. Jennifer Ngo Ahn, is project manager of Mars 500 at the European Space Agency.


Trapped miners in Chile

The BBC's Gideon Long has the latest on the rescue operation for the 33 miners trapped 2,300 feet below the earth's surface. At more than a month, the men have now been trapped underground longer than anyone on record.


Rescuers in Chile complete another step

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the BBC's Gideon Long, who's at the mine where 33 miners have been trapped underground since early August. Rescuers successfully drilled a narrow bore hole from the surface down to where the men are.