Why South American parents are hiding their kids from the sun

The levels of UV rays in some areas of South America are soaring. People are being warned to just stay indoors between the peak hours of around 10 am and 4 pm. In Bolivia, there is even a law requiring parents to send their kids to school with a hat. Yet with many, in Peru and Bolivia particularly, living both directly from the land and below the poverty line, the message may not be getting through.


South America has become a safe haven for the Catholic Church’s alleged child molesters. The Vatican has no comment.

The Catholic Church has long been under fire for covering up priests' sexual abuse of children, and for transferring perpetrators among parishes rather than turning them over to law enforcement. Now, GlobalPost investigates a new, international side to the scandal: The church has allowed priests facing credible sex abuse allegations in the United States and Europe to get a new start by relocating to poor parishes in South America.


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Darwin witnessed 1835 Chile quake

Charles Darwin witnessed the devastation caused by a major earthquake in Chile. That was back in 1835. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more about Darwin's observations from Edward O. Wilson, the editor of a recent edition of four of Darwin's greatest books.


US teen helps after Chile quake

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Sam Seiniger, an American teenager who happened to be in Concepcion, Chile, when that city was struck by a massive earthquake. Since then, the young American has been helping out in the relief effort.