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The world is 4 million teachers short. Here's how to solve that.

When you don't have enough teachers in a town, state, or country, what do you do? Find and train a person, one expert says, “who’s really committed, and has a sense of caring, a sense of conviction to impart knowledge. If they have certain basic knowledge in terms of the content, I think we can give them the skills to make them" effective teachers.

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Iranians build an American aircraft carrier, sort of

Is Iran expecting relations with the US to go south again? US officials say Iran is building a replica of the aircraft carrier the USS Nimitz — seemingly as a propaganda ploy. An imam who spoke for al-Qaeda after 9/11 says he became the terrorist organization's spokesman by accident. And the pope breaks with Italy's mafia, in today's Global Scan.


Global Scan

Mandela brings people together, even in death

World leaders and regular people gathered Tuesday in South Africa to honor Nelson Mandela — a man who was labelled a terrorist by the US until 8 years ago, a friend of China and Cuba, and now a symbol of hope and reconciliation for millions. We also look at Saudi Arabia's interest in its own human genome project, one of the most extreme zipline rides in the world, and a video game where the villian is alcoholism. All that and more, in today's Global Scan.