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How a new prime minister will reshape Canada's environmental policies

The presidential race is heating up across America, but north of the border a new face from a fabled political dynasty just romped into power with a landslide win that signals considerable change. Gone is the oil-friendly Stephen Harper and taking over as prime minister is Justin Trudeau, son of popular leader Pierre Trudeau, of the left-leaning Liberal Party. What does this mean for controversial energy projects in Canada and the US?

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At this school in upstate New York, students are free to speak Mohawk

For more than 100 years, the governments of both the United States and Canada forcibly assimilated generations of Native people by taking their children and sending them off to English-only boarding schools — a process the pushed the majority of indigenous languages to the brink of extinction. More than 35 years ago, a small Mohawk tribe in New York decided to fight back — by creating a school of its own.