Conflict & Justice

Nigeria is embarrassed by more kidnappings on the eve of hosting the World Economic Forum

Armed gunmen in Nigeria kidnapped eight more school girls overnight. This comes after the leader of Islamist militant group Boko Haram warned in a video released Monday, that more girls would be taken. Boko Haram has already admitted to abducting more than 200 schools girls three weeks ago. This all takes place on the eve of the World Economic Forum meeting in the capital, Abuja.

Global Scan

When Kim Jong Un wants you to vote, he subjects you to poetry

North Korea is about to have another election. And though the winners are not in doubt, government leaders still want a huge turnout, so they are turning to poems exhorting people to vote. Plus, at the NSA, even the spies are fed up ... with being spied on. All that and more, in today's Global Scan.

Africans often miss out on resources because of lack of translations

In many African countries, dozens of different languages are spoken by different ethnic groups. And while each country often has a European language as its "official" language, most people don't even begin to understand it. That presents a problem for aid groups, trying to share information.