Cameroonian girls defy prejudice to pursue soccer dreams

The Women's World Cup is putting a spotlight on the growing global interest in women's soccer. So in a country where many still see soccer as a man's game, there's a glimmer of hope as a first wave of girls in Cameroon are now being trained by professional coaches at an academy in Yaounde.

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Cameroon opposition candidate Maurice Kamto declares victory despite ruling party's denial

"I invite the outgoing president to organize a peaceful way to transfer power," Kamto, who leads the Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon (MRC), told a news conference on Monday in the capital Yaoundė. The election, marred by low turnout and isolated incidents of unrest in separatist Anglophone regions, has been widely expected to extend Biya's 36-year rule as one of Africa's last multi-decade leaders. Yet, Kamto declared an early victory, a move the ruling party claims is illegal.



E-waste youth activist

Living on Earth interviews Alex Lin, who won the Brower Youth Award for his pioneering work on electronic waste. Lin recycled and refurbishes computers for kids in the U.S. and around the world.

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Global Hit

Today's Global Hit focuses on a legal tangle over musical copyright infringement. Musician Manu Dibango from Cameroon is suing Michael Jackson and Rihanna for using one of his compositions without his permission.

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Cane rats as delicacy

In parts of Africa cane rats are considered a delicacy.In Cameroon the government is promoting cane rat husbandry to provide income to small farmers and to reduce hunting pressure on wildlife. Correspondent Jori Lewis has the story from Yaounde.

Safeguarding Cameroon's Rainforest

Africa's Congo Basin is home to fifty percent of the continent's wildlife, thousands of exotic plant species and the second largest rainforest in the world. Through the years, timber companies have logged deeper into the forests, inadvertently cutting pat

Hunting for the Next Pandemic

Many of the major infectious diseases that plague humans- like cholera, small pox and AIDS- first evolved in animals. And at some point these diseases all made the leap from animals to people. Traditional medicine has approached the problem by searching f