John Bolton

The Takeaway asks former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, what is to become of the two and half million people who are at risk in Myanmar after the cyclone.


Myanmar aid efforts

Lisa Mullins speaks with Jean-Sebastien Matte, emergency coordinator for the international aid agency "Doctors Without Borders" in Yangon, Burma, about efforts to provide emergency relief.


Aid report

Humanitarian aid groups all over the world are struggling to cope with back-to-back disasters in China and Myanmar, and The World's Julia Kumari Drapkin reports on how they decide where to focus their efforts.


Burma blocks aid

The World's Matthew Bell reports on a debate in the international community on whether military force should be used to get more international aid into cyclone-devastated Myanmar.


Floating hospitals

Anchor Lisa Mullins tells us how a businessman in Scotland is helping cyclone survivors in Myanmar: he's donated two cruise boats to be converted into floating hospitals.