Conflict & Justice

Burma activist returns to US home

A US-Burmese democracy activist was arrested last fall when he tried to enter Myanmar. He spent five months in prison before being released two weeks ago. Kyaw Zaw Lwin is now back at his home in Washington. Reporter Bruce Wallace pays him a visit.


Arts, Culture & Media

Burma and Rambo

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Ja So, a member of the Overseas Burmese Patriots Group in Singapore about the group's recent screening of the latest Rambo movie in which John Rambo is pitted against the repressive Burmese military

Conflict & Justice

Burma and the Olympics

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Simon Long, Asia editor for The Economist, about the possibility that close relations between China and Burma could become the focus of protests ahead of the Beijing Olympics in August.


Cyclone in Burma

The World's Katy Clark reports on the devastation in Burma following this weekend's cyclone where thousands of Burmese are reported to have died as a result of the storm.


Burma aid report

The World's Kay Clark has the latest on international aid efforts for victims of the devastating cyclone that hit Burma on Saturday; the death toll has now risen above 20,000.


Cyclone witness

One man who witnessed the devastation of the Burmese cyclone first-hand was Jens Orback; the former Swedish politician was visiting Rangoon last week, to meet with pro-democracy activists and Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Orbach about his experience.


Reporter in Burma

Anchor Lisa Mullins gets an update from Burma from a BBC reporter who has made his way to Rangoon: He describes a country that is struggling to address the widespread death and destruction caused by a cyclone this weekend


International aid arrives in Burma

The World's Katy Clark reports on the dire situation in Burma following last weekend's cyclone where international aid has begun arriving but some aid groups are still complaining that the government is dragging its heels