Global Scan

Has Christopher Columbus' flagship been found off the coast of Haiti?

Christopher Columbus lost his flagship, the Santa María, on his first trip to North America and it has remained lost to history, until now. Meanwhile, NATO's successful intervention against Muammar Gaddafi gets a critical look, and Saudi Arabia tries to stop a disease by restricting affection for camels. All that and more, in today's Global Scan.

Global Scan

A Nobel Peace Prize for Edward Snowden?

A former Norwegian minister nominates Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize. India's highest court maintains the country's ban on gay sex. And an Iranian teacher stands up for a stricken student who is bullied. All that and more, in today's Global Scan

Lifestyle & Belief

Bulgaria chooses new religious leader -- with complex past

Bulgaria's church has long been an important cultural and moral center for the country. And over the weekend, for the first time in centuries, the new leader was chosen without government influence. But still, because of decades of political input, the new patriarch assumes office with a bit of uncertainty around him.