Global Politics

Brazil fights online misinformation during election season

This election, the work of fact-checking organizations is being amplified by a new partner: Facebook. It is part of the social media giant’s push to assure users it is taking misinformation campaigns in elections seriously. In September, Facebook announced it was dedicating its own “War Room” in Menlo Park to preventing election interference in Brazil — one of its five biggest markets.



Rainmaking in the Amazon

The Amazon rain forest is a crucial player in the global climate system�for one thing it's a massive store of carbon, but The World's Alex Gallafent climbs a scientific tower in the Brazilian Amazon to explore another function: rainmaking.


Brazil drills for oil in the rainforest

Brazil wants to be energy independent, and one thing it's doing toward that end is drilling for oil and natural gas in the Amazon rainforest, so The World's Alex Gallafent visited the Urucu energy exploration facility in the Amazon and sent this report.