Beans vs. trees in the Amazon

European consumer demand for ethically grown food has forced a moratorium in Brazil that will drastically reduce new deforestation for growing soy beans. Host Bruce Gellerman talks with Lindsey Allen, a forest campaigner for Greenpeace.

Global Politics

Global Hit

Celebrated Brazilian singer-songwriter Gilberto Gil has a new album out in which he addresses means of communication around the world.


Brazil drills for oil in the rainforest

Brazil wants to be energy independent, and one thing it's doing toward that end is drilling for oil and natural gas in the Amazon rainforest, so The World's Alex Gallafent visited the Urucu energy exploration facility in the Amazon and sent this report.


Big business in the Amazon

The World's Alex Gallafent reports on how a free trade zone in the middle of the Amazon rainforest has encouraged the kind of businesses and jobs that don't require cutting down trees.