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It's too cold in much of the US for beach fun — but perfect sandcastle weather in Bermuda

Summer's over here in much of the States — hello rain and cold. But it's still high season in Bermuda. The island is a short flight off the east coast of the United States — and it's known for its beaches of ultra-fine sand. Just the thing for building sand sculptures, as reporter Alex Gallafent discovered recently.

Global Scan

Forget the apple. Saudi Arabia is offering its best teachers a Bimmer

Saudi Arabia has a plan to reward its best teachers with thousands of dollars and luxury cars. Student rewards come next. Elsewhere, a Russian monastery hopes to solve the country's mozzarella shortage. And a three-year-old movie gives you a an accurate sense of what it is like fighting the Ebola outbreak. All that and more in today's Global Scan.


The fortified island

For the Geo Quiz today we are looking for a British territory in the Atlantic. It is a small island, but has one of the world's highest concentrations of historic forts.