A Belgian campus puts out a welcome mat for refugees

When Mohammed Salman moved to Belgium to pursue a PhD in political science in 2010, he had every intention of returning home to Syria. But the war intervened, and now the newly-minted Ph.D. is helping start up a program for refugees at the Free University of Brussels.


One family's decision to take in refugees: 'We're all in the same boat'

We don't hear much about Belgium when it comes to Europe's migrant crisis, but it too is struggling to cope with an influx of foreigners arriving to claim asylum. In Brussels, volunteers are opening up their homes to refugee families so they don't have to sleep in the streets while they wait for the appointments with immigration officials.


In Brussels, Belgium, a kitty is under siege

Belgians reacted with humor when police put the city of Brussels on lockdown over the weekend. Twitter was flooded with funny cat tweets. This is unsurprising says Willem de Graeve, who co-directs the Belgian Center for Comic Strips. That's the Belgian sense of humor.