In Brussels, Belgium, a kitty is under siege

Belgians reacted with humor when police put the city of Brussels on lockdown over the weekend. Twitter was flooded with funny cat tweets. This is unsurprising says Willem de Graeve, who co-directs the Belgian Center for Comic Strips. That's the Belgian sense of humor.


Belgium to France: Euro this, Napoleon!


Belgium has just minted a special euro coin. The denomination? 2.5 euros. But that's not the part that's got France in a fit. It's the fact that the coin depicts France's defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.


Global Politics

The Belgian brand

If Belgium breaks apart, who gets the �Belgium� brand � Belgium beer, Belgian chocolate, Belgian waffles, you name it. The World's Clark Boyd has the story.

Lifestyle & Belief

Natacha Atlas

Tom Schnabel, music critic for KCRW makes his pick for today's Global Hit. It's singer Natacha Atlas and her new album, �Mounqaliba�.

Global Politics

How American debt compares

President Obama's debt-reduction commission is trying to trim federal deficits dramatically in the coming decade. But how does US debt compare with other nations? The World's Jason Margolis has more.

Global Politics

A smelly problem in Brussels' subway

Brussels is often considered the 'Capitol of Europe.' So, you'd think the city's subway system would reflect the city's place in the world. As The World's Clark Boyd reports, many in Brussels find plenty to sniff at when it comes to their Metro system.


Winter weather chaos in Europe

Major winter storms canceled dozens of flights across Europe during one of the busiest times of the year as travelers tried to get to their destinations ahead of the holidays. Laura Lynch has more.

Conflict & Justice

Using DNA spray to catch thieves

Reporter Clark Boyd tells us that businesses in Britain, Holland and Belgium are using synthetic DNA to spray thieves and shoplifters. When the police catch a suspect, all they need is an ultraviolet light and a cotton swab to begin their investigation.