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Middle Eastern rift with Qatar looks set to continue indefinitely

After initially disrupting Qatar's imports and triggering the withdrawal of billions of dollars from its banks by depositors from the four states, the world's top exporter of liquefied natural gas quickly developed new trade routes and deployed tens of billions of dollars from its sovereign wealth fund to protect its domestic lenders.


Conflict & Justice

Update from Bahrain

Protests continue in Bahrain, with thousands of protesters taking to the main square in Manama. Michael Slackman, foreign correspondent for The New York Times reports from Bahrain.

Conflict & Justice

Bahrain protests grow

Thousands of anti-government demonstrators continue to occupy the main square in Bahrain's capital. Maryam Al Khawaja of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights speaks with anchor Lisa Mullians about the protestors demands for regime change.

Conflict & Justice

Demonstrations Boil in Bahrain

For the latest on news from that country, we turn to Michael Slackman, foreign correspondent for The New York Times. Zachary Lockman, Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies and History at New York University helps contextualize the situation.

Conflict & Justice

Bahrain cracks down on protests

Protests have been banned in Bahrain and the military has been ordered to tighten its grip after the violent removal of anti-government demonstrators. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof who is in Bahrain.