Global Scan

Downton Abbey's pooch has a problem — with her name

The public television smash hit Downton Abbey is making waves again — though not because its killed off another character. It's because of one of the show's dogs. Specifically Isis. And you can probably figure out where this is going. Meanwhile, in Finland, the country's prime minister is blaming Apple for its economic problems. And France is blaming the English-speaking the world for being too politically correct. Those stories and more in today's Global Scan.


Researcher looks for new ways to repel sharks

Scientist Eric Stroud spent years as a pharmaceutical chemist. But, after an unpleasant cruise the Bermuda, he gave that up in order to pursue research in ways to protect humans from sharks. But his work has also shifted to ways to protect sharks from humans. And he's made fascinating findings.


Scientists Repel Sharks - to Save Them

An American chemist says he's found a substance several, in fact, that can repel some of the most fearsome predators in the ocean, and he wants to use his discovery to protect them. Reporter Ari Daniel Shapiro of our partner program NOVA has the story.