Global Scan

This is a message for US drone pilots: we are not bugs

How do you let drone pilots dropping bombs by remote control know the consequences of their actions? Some Afghan artists are using a giant photo. And a journalist now claims the US didn't attack Syria's government after evidence of chemical warfare emerged because it may not have been Assad's fault. All that and more, in today's Global Scan.

Global Scan

Is the Russian bear awakening?

Rumors of possible Russian intervention abound as protests in the Ukraine escalate. And even the Pope's weekend prayer for peace in the country ended in an ominous sign. Working-class stiffs in the Republic of Congo show that style isn't exclusive to the rich. And a New Zealand doc doesn't let a shark attack ruin his day, in today's Global Scan.

Conflict & Justice

Think young Australians will ignore a nonbinding mail-in vote on marriage equality? Think again.

Instead of a binding referendum or a vote in Parliament, Australia is holding a nonbinding, voluntary, postal plebiscite to determine whether Australians support same-sex marriage legalization. For many young Australians, who support marriage equality by large margins, a vote that seems designed to limit their participation is having the opposite effect.