EU Observer has his doubts about 'fair and free' Angolan Elections

Angola underwent first democratic elections in 16 years, but already many feel there is something amiss. Amidst reports that people were bussed in from neighboring Congo to vote, the opposition party is calling for a recount as additional reports of voters receiving handouts of cash, alcohol and cars from the ruling party continue to circulate.


Africa: Hillary Clinton's Seven-Nation Tour

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is about to begin her seven-country tour of the African continent. To examine her agenda and its possible implications, The Takeaway is joined by Will Ross of the BBC, and New America Foundation fellow Steve Clemons.


Diplomacy: Secretary Clinton's Africa Agenda

Secretary of State Clinton is in Africa for the Obama administration's first serious tour of the continent. Joining The Takeaway are Jendayi Frazer, former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, and Martin Plaut, the BBC's Africa editor.