Behind Taliban lines

The Afghanistan war is reported from the frontlines by journalists embedded with US and international forces. The war is never seen from the other side. Najibullah Quraishi put out word that he would like to interview one of the new Taliban commanders.

Lifestyle & Belief

Kabul Dreams

Anchor Marco Werman introduces us to Afghanistan's one and only rock band. The three members of the band �Kabul Dreams� got together about a year ago. Now they have dreams of going global.


Infrastructure for Afghanistan offensive

An upcoming offensive in Kandahar will likely take longer than planned. That's because constructing the buildings and security checkpoints and bases from which some new US troops involved will operate � is still in the works. Ben Gilbert reports.


U.S. strategy in Afghanistan

President Obama announced a new strategy to try to shift the tide of the war in Afghanistan. The Kandahar campaign is a key part of that new strategy. Ben Gilbert recently got a tour with one of the architects of the campaign.

Conflict & Justice

Fraud claims mar Afghan elections

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the BBC's Dawood Azami about this weekend's Afghan parliamentary vote. Election observers are voicing serious concerns about the process, citing reports of ballot stuffing; repeat-voting; and the use of fake voter IDs.