How a soldier gets ready for deployment

The US is going to increase its military presence in Afghanistan over the next few months. The US Army plans to increase the total force by as many as 1,000. So, what is it like for an Army officer getting ready to deploy? We followed one of them.


Migrants stuck in Serbia play a desperate 'game' to reach the EU

Nearly 8,000 refugees and migrants are currently stranded in Serbia. Iraqis and Syrians have the best chances of being granted asylum. People with money can pay a smuggler to take them across the border. It's only the most desperate that try to cross the border into Croatia — and the European Union — illegally.


Global Politics

Convention coverage in Pashto

Lisa Mullins speaks with Nafees Takar, who is covering the GOP convention for "Radio Dee-wa." That's a Pashto-language service of the Voice of America. It's heard in parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Global Politics

Pakistan's effect on Afghanistan

The World's Quil Lawrence reports from Kabul, Afghanistan, on what Afghans expect a new Pakistani president will mean in the fight against the Taliban. The Taliban use parts of Pakistan as a safe haven for attacks across the border in Afghanistan.

Conflict & Justice

Deploying more troops to Afghanistan

President Bush today announced today he's calling for the deployment of additional combat forces to Afghanistan. Anchor Marco Werman discusses the significance of the announcement with The World's Quil Lawrence who's in the Afghan capital, Kabul.


Afghan Olympian

Afghan athlete Rohullah Nikpai took home the bronze medal in Tae Kwon Do at last month's Beijing Olympics. It's Afghanistan's first ever Olympic medal. Now he's a national hero. Correspondent Derek Stoffel has his story.

Conflict & Justice

Afghan senate protests civilian deaths

The entire Afghan Senate walked out in protest today over the high number of civilians killed by US air strikes. US commanders in Afghanistan are aware this is a crucial issue in their battle for hearts and minds in that country. But that doesn't make it an easy problem to solve. The World's Quil Lawrence reports.

Promo for interview on meeting the Taliban

Correspondent Kate Clark recently traveled to Afghanistan on special assignment for the BBC. She met arms dealers, Taliban commanders and Afghans from many walks of life. We hear a taste of tomorrow's interview with Kate Clark.

Global Politics

NATO soul-searching

NATO is under pressure to respond to Russia's recent actions in Georgia, but commitments in Afghanistan and turmoil in the financial world mean there isn't much new money for defense. The World's Laura Lynch reports.