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I was a soldier in a war I hated, and today I remember my fallen comrades

Every memorial day, I think about Wild Bill Wood, and also Danny, Frost, Carver, Riv, Culbreth, Spike and the other people I saw die, but never learned their names or knew their stories. I think about my own place in the world, what it means to be grateful to have been a soldier in a war I hated, and how that war changed me, how it changed a tiny sliver of my generation.


General Petraeus takes command

Today's attack came on the day when General David Petraeus arrived in Kabul. Petraeus charged with giving new momentum to the US and NATO war effort in Afghanistan. Host Katy Clark talks with Retired Major General Bill Nash.


Staking out a corner of Taliban country

Travel with us to a military base in Southern Afghanistan. It used to be controlled by the Taliban. Now US Marines hold the fort but the Taliban are on every side. The World's Ben Gilbert spent some time with the Marines at Patrol Base Chris in Marjah.