South America


In the Colombian Amazon, peace has environmental consequences

For decades, the Colombian Amazon — a region that makes up nearly half of the country’s territory — was virtually blocked off to human encroachment and development by the presence of the leftist guerrillas of the FARC, who long depended on the shelter provided by the region’s thick, largely uninhabited forests.

Global Politics

Brazil top court ruling could free Lula, derail corruption fight

Several justices on Brazil's top court have already made clear they want to overturn a landmark 2016 ruling that allowed defendants to be jailed if their graft convictions were upheld on a first appeal — the sole reason that President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and several senior politicians and businessmen are currently behind bars.

Global Politics

Brazil could soon outlaw abortion altogether

Currently, Brazilian women can only obtain legal abortions in cases of rape, life-threatening pregnancy or a fatal brain defect in the fetus. The constitutional amendment, known as PEC 181, was originally intended to extend maternity leave for mothers of premature newborns.


Guatemalan women transform their town one brushstroke at a time

Lidia Florentino Cumes Cumez is one of several women working on a project to paint the 800 homes of Santa Catarina Palopó using colors and designs created by indigenous women that imitate their traditional weavings. Nearly 50 homes have been painted thus far, and 150 are on a waitlist for the next round.


Star Search

Astronomers are counting on APEX, one of the highest telescopes in the world, to answer one of astronomy's greatest mysteries: how a star is born.

Development & Education

South American fun race

Today's Geo Quiz takes us to Latin America. The Fun Race Four is all about mud and gasoline. 500 teams compete in one of South America's most popular off-road motor races. The race has taken place for ten years in the country we'd like you to name.