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Toilet Tales: Water and Waste

The humble flush toilet is a technological wonder that carries our waste safely away from our homes and workplaces. Yet roughly 2.5 billion people don’t have access to decent sanitation. And even for those who do, the toilet is an imperfect solution that often creates problems of its own. The World’s special five-part series “Toilet Tales: Water and Waste” examines efforts to solve those problems around the world, from China to India to Haiti to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Climate Change and Chasing Chile Peppers

On a pepper-tasting and harvesting excursion across the U.S. and Mexico, a chef, an ethnobotanist, and an agroecologist find that our changing climate is altering peppers and affecting the people who pick them.

Global Politics

Poles unfazed by fracking?

Dave McGuire reports on the quiet arrival in Poland of the controversial practice of natural gas "fracking," a way of extracting hard-to-get natural gas that has some environmentalists concerned.

Arts, Culture & Media

Asia's tornado alley

Tornados figure in the Geo Quiz this time. We're looking for the country outside of North America where severe twisters are most common. This nation suffered what's thought to be the deadliest tornado in recorded history.

Arts, Culture & Media

History of earthquakes and tsunamis

Last Friday's earthquake was the largest on record to hit Japan. But there were huge quakes and tsunamis before records were kept. Anchor Marco Werman explores the history of quakes and tsunamis with Brian Atwater of the US Geological Survey.


A place called 'Hell'

For today's Geo Quiz, we're looking for 'Hell' on earth. Actually, it's the Spanish word for hell, Infierno. It's a community in South America. We want you to name the country this place called 'Hell' is in.

Global Politics

Violence impacts Mexico tourism

Violence in Mexico is not just taking a toll along the border. It's impacting tourism to the country's interior.The World's Jason Margolis has more from San Miguel de Allende, a popular tourist destination in central Mexico.