North America



Opportunity and outrage at Canada's oil sands

The oil deposits in Northern Alberta are some of the largest in the world, but extracting and refining that oil is costly and dirty. Canada is under fire for its oil production, but it’s the United States that buying much of that oil, and new pipelines are being built to bring even more of it south of the border.

Conflict & Justice

Living with American health care

President Obama has signed his ground breaking health care bill at a ceremony in the White House. PRI's The World talks with Justin Webb about American health care. Webb has experienced health care both in the USA and in the UK.

Global Politics

Violence impacts Mexico tourism

Violence in Mexico is not just taking a toll along the border. It's impacting tourism to the country's interior.The World's Jason Margolis has more from San Miguel de Allende, a popular tourist destination in central Mexico.


Birding gets a digital upgrade

Starting in 1882, the U.S. Bird Migration Program collected two-by-five notecards from bird watchers around North America. Today, these cards are being digitized. Guest: Jessica Zelt, North American Bird Phenology Program.