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Composer and pianist Clara Schumann achieves a modern milestone

Clara Schumann was one of 19the Century Europe's most well-known pianists. She was also a composer, but her husband, Robert Schumann, eclipsed her in this realm. A recording of one of Clara's piano trios has now been inducted into a prestigious collection at the Library of Congress — putting her, at least in one small way, on a par with her better-known spouse.

Science, Tech & Environment

Where to find what's disappeared online, and a whole lot more: the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine is much beloved by investigative reporters and others, looking to find out what a webpage looked like at some point in the past, even if it's since disappeared. But the Internet Archive's work is much more ambitious than that. Founder Brewster Kahle says through scanning books and recording video feeds around the world, it aims to make all human knowledge universally available on a decentralized Web, and illiberal impulses among leaders in America and elsewhere are only "putting a fire under our butts" to do the work, swiftly and effectively.

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Activists vow to carry on as the Standing Rock camp is cleared

For almost a year, members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and thousands of supporters camped out near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline. The tribe won a short-lived victory in December when the Army Corps of Engineers halted pipeline construction in December. When Donald Trump took office, he ordered the Corps to allow drilling to move forward.