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Why do so few women work (for pay) in Jordan?

Get a good education, and the world's your oyster, right? Not necessarily, if you're a woman in Jordan. While Jordan has one of the highest female literacy rates in the Middle East, and there are more women in college there than men, gender discrimination still abounds in the workplace. This is not just costing women, it's costing Jordan — half to almost a full percentage point of GDP growth each year, says the Brookings Institution. What's at play here? Jordanian lawyer and human rights activist Asma Khader shares her thoughts with The World's Shirin Jaafari.

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North Korea's trade with China has grown tenfold in 15 years — which gives China more leverage than ever

If the Trump administration wants to get tough on North Korea over its nuclear program, its best option is China. North Korea's trade with China has grown massively over the past 15 years — and that's really the only opening for the US if it wants to rein in the Koreans. Here's an explainer on North Korea's trade dependency in three charts.