The ozone layer is bouncing back. And our hairstyles will be OK too.

When we found out back in the 1980s that aerosol propellants and refrigerants were eating up the atmosphere's protective ozone layer, many people complained that we couldn't come up with suitable substitutes. But we did, people's hairstyles and fridges are fine, and scientists now say that nature is finally starting to heal the ozone layer.


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Daily life at the South Pole

Working conditions in the Antarctic have changed a lot since Robert Scott's expedition nearly one hundred years ago. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks to Freija Descamps, a Belgian physicist who is spending the winter at the South Pole.


Ozone levels over the Arctic hit all-time low

There's an odd feeling of deja vu these days on the environment beat. First came the awful events in Japan with a nuclear disaster on a scale unseen since Chernobyl in the 1980s. Now comes news about atmospheric ozone that takes us back to the 80s as well


Barrier islands

We are looking for a country that boasts the world's longest chain of barrier islands. There are 54 of them, forming a chain that extends over 355 miles along this country's South Atlantic coast. Question is, which country?