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The answers to today's Geo Quiz are in Antarctica: New Zealand's Scott Base and the US McMurdo Station. The stations are now partly powered by the world's southern-most wind farm. Anchor Marco Werman gets details from project manager Scott Bennett.

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India's Antarctic base

India and Antarctica figure in the Geo Quiz. India is more than 8,000 miles from the South Pole. So that's how far a team of researchers will travel on India's first scientific expedition to the Pole. We're looking for the name of the science base.


Satellite data proves Antartica is warming

Despite the warming trend that is hitting the rest of the planet, it's been long thought that Antarctica is actually getting colder. But now scientists using satellite data have determined that Antarctica is actually warming like the rest of the planet.

Space Survival

A team of University of Arizona scientists use hydroponics ?a self-sustaining watering system ?to grow plants in a greenhouse designed for Mars.

Antarctic Mash

DJ Spooky cranks up the beat with field recordings from Antarctica as part of a multimedia performance to illustrate an "environment under duress."