Chatter: US embassies under threat

"Terrorist chatter" prompts the US to order 19 of its embassies to stay closed, Turkey announces the verdicts in its controversial coup trial, New Zealand's dairy exports start a food poisoning scare, and the world's first test-tube hamburger is for lunch.


Chatter: Egypt expects

Egypt is set for a day of rival protests, Edward Snowden may — or may not — be taking meetings, Ireland allows abortions that can save lives, and Italy proves that not having a house can't get you out of house arrest.


Chatter: Syria will be 'purged'

The Syrian president vows to "wipe out" the people responsible for a Damascus suicide bombing, Myanmar declares a state of emergency after sectarian riots, a shooting at a US Marine base leaves three dead, and the Secret Service almost - almost - killed Iran's president.