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Duncan Watts

Duncan Watts, a sociologist at Columbia University, talks about trends, marketing and whether supposedly influential "trendsetters" actually carry as much weight as experts have long thought they do.

Al Qaeda and Thailand

Muslim rebels in Thailand have been battling Buddhist government forces for four years, and the government admitted today that it's far from winning, and suggested that the rebels may be getting support from al-Qaeda

Global Politics

Global views of America

Anchor Marco Werman speaks to a young Washington Post reporter who traveled around the globe for a year to find out how the world views the United States; Amar Bakshi says the people he spoke to expressed a wide range of emotions


Geo Quiz and Answer

Today's answer is the South Pacific island of Niue. This week, Niue became the first location to issue free laptops to all of its schoolchildren. It's part of the One Laptop Per Child Initiative. Anchor Lisa Mullins has more.

Arts, Culture & Media


Musician Massama Dogo is originally from Togo. He now lives in Washington DC where he fronts the band Elikeh. Anchor Marco Werman tells us more.

Global Politics

This Week's Agenda

It's Monday, and The Takeaway is handing out a road map to this week's top stories. Our guides are Martin Plaut, the BBC's Africa editor, and Chris Hayes, The Nation's Washington DC editor and a fellow at the New America Foundation.