Washington, D.C.


Washington was once quite literally a 'cesspool'

The history of Washington features plenty of mudslinging, fighting and division, and that's without even going inside Congress. Here's how the capital developed from the small, dirty, disorganized town it was in the 19th century into today's capital — and how that history still shapes the city.


Global Politics

Lead in water underreported

A Congressional investigation found twice as many Washington D.C. children had high blood lead levels during the city's water crises than the Centers for Disease Control previously reported. Living on Earth reports.

Global Politics

Is the Roberts Supreme Court really the Kennedy Supreme Court?

With a Supreme Court ruling expected Thursday on whether a Washington, D.C., handgun ban violates Second Amendment rights, The Takeaway looks at what this session's rulings illustrate about the John Roberts court. Guest: Anthony Lewis, Supreme Court scholar and author of Freedom for the Thought We Hate: A Biography of the First Amendment

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Pentagon meets Tinseltown

After countless movies about Iraq and Afghanistan, Lt. Col. J. Todd Breasseale just wants filmmakers to tell it like it is? or perhaps how the Army says it is. But is Breasseale's Army Media Relations division concerned with telling the truth, or promoting its own agenda? Guest: Lt. Col. J. Todd Breasseale, Army Relations Los Angeles Division