Geo answer

The answer to today's Geoquiz is the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Scott Larsen, sales manager for Krasicki and Ward Emergency Prep in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Global Politics

Geo answer

Today's Geo Quiz sent us searching for a city park in Canada that's bigger than Central Park; it had ANOTHER name long before European settlers arrived. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Chief Koxelton Sayem, chief of the Squamish Nation.

Conflict & Justice

Paralympic Games in Vancouver

The Vancouver Winter Olympics may be over but athletes from around the globe are still competing in British Columbia, this time in the Paralympics. Rick Hansen is following the Games in Vancouver. Jeb Sharp talks with him.


Global Scan

Who, or what, will be caught next?

President Barack Obama is still caught in a deadlock with Congress, an elusive Sumatran rhino was caught on camera and a group of researchers caught a glimpse of an ice tunnel in Sweden. More in today's Global Scan.