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Why Tunisians Worry about the Future

The "Arab Spring" kicked off in Tunisia with the overthrow of strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. But many worry about what's next; there's fear that either Ben Ali supporters or radical Islamists might hijack the fledgling democracy. Don Duncan reports.

Conflict & Justice

Reforming Tunisia's justice system

Moves to restructure the justice system in Tunisia are hitting a roadblock: members of the former regime still control the judiciary and are stalling the work of an anti-corruption commission. Reporter Megan Williams has the story from Tunis.

Conflict & Justice

Political unrest continues in Tunisia

After an uprising drove out Tunisia's unpopular and oppressive president out more than a week ago, political unrest continues. David Kirkpatrick, Middle East correspondent for The New York Times and Renee Rutta, an American living in Tunis, explain.