How Libyans beat the heat — and the turmoil in their country

It's been a rough summer in Libya. Fighting between rival militias broke out in the capital in July, and forced the government to flee. With Islamists militias in charge, businesses closed and power cuts a common occurrence, many people are turning to the beach for relief from the heat — and a mental break.


Toyota's most loyal customers may be Libyan militias

There's such a thing as bad publicity after all: Toyota pickup trucks are a common sight on Libya's battlefield, and the company is trying to limit the kinds of trucks it sells in Libya to get its name out of the line of fire. But Libyan fighters still have plenty of ways to use their favorite pickups.


Tripoli's airport has become ground zero for military clashes in Libya

The crisis in Libya is deepening after a powerful militia opposed to the country’s current government took control of the capital’s airport a week ago. Libya’s House of Representatives says Tripoli as a whole has fallen in the hands of what they call “terrorists.” However, the militias that overran the capital were former rebel groups who have been on government payroll since the end of the revolution.