At pop-up eatery in Canada, HIV education is on the menu

For two days, chefs who are HIV-positive set up a pop-up restaurant in Toronto to dispel ignorance about people with the disease. The idea was hatched after a survey found that nearly half of Canadians would not eat a meal prepared by someone who's HIV-positive.


What are the best snow boots to wear?


Winter has now hit North America and many of us are shopping for new winter boots. Researchers in Toronto came up with a rating system to test the slip resistance of 100 different types of winter boots, based on how they performed against icy conditions simulated in their state-of-the-art winter lab. You won't be happy with what they found.


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David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg is best known for films like The Fly, The Dead Zone, Dead Ringers and A History of Violence. They can be shocking, violent, and gory but they're also unmistakably personal films that make you think while you're squirming in your seat.