How A Shrinking American Military Impacts Japan

Since World War Two, Japan has been the centerpiece of American security in the Pacific. About 50,000 US troops and 85 facilities are based here…along with the US Seventh Fleet. But in recent decades, the Japanese have worried about the strength of that US commitment to the defense of Japan.President Obama’s recent Asia tour and his so-called “pivot” to Asia was meant to assuage Japan.

Global Politics

Why Asian leaders are watching the Ukraine crisis

US troops arrived in Poland Wednesday to help counter fears there of Russian aggression, after Russia annexed Crimea. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama arrived in Japan, to boost his strategic "pivot to Asia." But can the US really prioritize Asia while dealing with a newly belligerent Moscow?



Tsunami hits Japan after quake

Japan's most powerful earthquake since records began struck its north-east coast on Friday, triggering a massive tsunami, which struck about 250 miles north-east of Tokyo. Officials say 350 people are dead and about 500 missing. Mary Kay Magistad reports.


Japan: Update from Osaka

The New York Times' Daniel Krieger reports from Osaka. He says he has not been able to get in touch with anyone in the coastal communities. However, Tokyo residents say this quake was completely different from anything they had previously experienced.