Tokyo’s mom-and-pop sushi bars struggle to survive

Eiraku is the last surviving sushi bar in a cluttered neighborhood in an obscure area of Tokyo. Caught between the rarified world of $300 dinners and the brutal efficiency of chain-restaurants, mom-and-pop shops like Eiraku are fast disappearing.


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Kit Kat big in Japan

American candy lovers know the Kit Kat bar. But few would recognize the varieties sold in Japan. 200 kinds of Kit Kat bars have been sold in Japan over the years. Akiko Fujita checked out the candy in Tokyo.

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Alex the Jester

We're going underground for today's Geo Quiz. There are subway systems in just about every major city around the globe. The one we're looking for opened in 1935. We find out the answer from Alex the Jester.

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Japanese craft ritual for divorce

Two out of six Japanese marriages end in divorce. Now, one Japanese man has come up with an elaborate ceremony to help divorcing couples mark that ending. Akiko Fujita took part in a divorce ceremony and sent this report from Tokyo.

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Geo quiz

If you're heading out to the theatre tonight, and you're in Tokyo. Well, you'll know the answer to today's Geo Quiz. The centerpiece of the Tokyo neighborhood we want you to name is a national palace.